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About Us

Vitaminpaint is a paint by numbers focused art & craft brand dedicated to help people unleash their creative side through art.

Our main goal at "Vitaminpaint" is to provide high-quality DIY paint by numbers kits that are created by the best designers in the world and shipped from the US. You’ll be able to create really cool artwork from scratch with no painting background at all.

We believe that having a creative hobby, like painting, keeps your mind strong and may improve your overall quality of life. Painting helps build strong mental health at every age and it is never too late to start a new hobby. It can generate a happy mood not only in the artists, but also in the people around them.

Our mission is to promote the wonderful healing benefits of art therapy and mindfulness.

Every paint by numbers kit we sell brings us closer to our goal of making the world a happier, healthier place for everyone.

We will be glad to receive a picture of your finished canvas and of course, your review of our product. For this and any other needs, please write us on

You can also share you work on Instagram using the #vitaminpaint hashtag on your posts.




The Vitaminpaint Team